Weddings at Molly Ward Gardens

bride and pup bride and groom For an elegant but casual wedding, many couples choose to have their ceremony in front of the rose arbor (lovely old fragrant white roses) in the back garden with 100 year old locust trees as a backdrop. A small rock waterfall next to the quite interesting stained glass window wall is excellent for photo-ops. There are many quirky spots to discover in our shy 5 acres. If there should be inclement weather (and of course that rarely happens in the summer) we can canopy our terrace next to the restaurant for an inside/outside event.
We usually serve a buffet dinner/luncheon in the back garden. We customize each wedding menu to fit individual tastes. The cost is approximately $25-45/person. Our experienced staff will graciously provide for your every need. We charge $1700 rent for the whole day; $900 for half day (out by 4:30pm). Please call Lynn for more details at 360-779-4471.

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