Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu

~April 17 – April 25~

~All entrées include a fresh fruit plate and morning pastry~

~French Toast~


With Uli’s blueberry breakfast sausage and eggs

~Scallion egg wrap~


With merguez sausage, roasted bell peppers, onions and goat cheese. Served with pan fried potatoes

~Tortilla Casserole~


Corn tortillas, beans, tomatoes, green chiles, scallions, jack cheese, eggs and herbs. Topped with fresh tomato salsa

~Bay Shrimp Salad~


Bay shrimp, avocado, red onion and raspberries on a bed of mixed greens with lime vinaigrette and fresh cilantro

~Dungeness Crab Timbale~


A cream-based bake of Dungeness crab and eggs. Served with pan friend potatoes, asparagus and lemon aioli